What is Intimacy?

Intimacy is a card game that creates a space for players to practice consent, discover what intimacy means to them, and practice being intimate with others.

To play: each round, pick your partner; then, draw a Touch card and a Question card, and perform the Touch card while maintaining eye contact and discussing the Question card.

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I wanted to see more games that encourage loving interactions; something that could help people get to know each other better and appreciate one another, so I decided to make it myself."

Aubrey Isaacman (designer)

Santa Cruz, California

Intimacy was the first game to encourage me to embrace vulnerability with other people not just in-game, but in day-to-day life too."

Saf Wander (editor)

Auckland, New Zealand


Intimacy made me think, more so than any other game I've written about. It made me hold my hangups to the light; made me consider how often we take boundaries for granted; When was the last time you asked someone during a game 'Are you comfortable continuing to play?'"

Intimacy is a new card game in which players touch one another with their hands and discuss their feelings about physical connections./Created by Aubrey Isaacman, it’s designed to promote physical consent as well as closeness."

Intimacy gave me this unique feeling of having a close connection to someone new. In each moment Intimacy directed our focus on a certain motion, sentence or feeling, leaving a lasting sense of connection and calm, well after I'd finished playing :)"

Katie Stegs (player)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

a touch based experience


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About Saf

Saf is the editor of Intimacy.  She is a narrative designer, podcaster, director of NSFW Podcasts, and an award-winning comic writer.

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About Aubrey

Aubrey is the designer of Intimacy. She focuses on gameplay/mechanics design, & is passionate about safe sex education!

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About Terence

Terence is a games artist based in Seattle.  All the lovely art on our game was made by Terence! 

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About Alison

Alison is Intimacy's branding specialist.  She got her BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles.

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